1919 saw the beginning of a small artisan workshop manufacturing chairs, founded by Domenico Potocco and his Sons.

Today Potocco S.p.A. is one of the most important chair producers in Italy and abroad. Its technological plants produce large quantities and very high quality products. Today Potocco boasts a remarkable position in the field of chair manufacture.

Potocco, thanks to its experience and flexibility, have developed a quality concept limited not only to the product, but also includes design, methodologies, a comprehensive sales network and fantastic customer relations. All of these factors have enabled the company to increase and improve its growth.

Today, facing the economic globalization,  Potocco are convinced that they must offer exactly what the customer requires – a product perfect in every detail. This philosophy is rooted deep withinin Potocco’s mentality. And this is why their best advert is the quality of their products.

Over the years chairs have assumed both personal and socially defined specializations. The chair has been “socialized” and defined with specific parameters. There has never been an architect who has not tried to solve “the problem of being sat”. This cultural and instinctive requirement has always been carefully studied by Potocco.

We can say that the Technical Studies Potocco are involved with daily have generated a catalogue aimed at satisfying an international selection of people, with models that are adaptable for several uses. Moreover, an artistic director evaluates all models before they are put into production, by considering all ergonomic, aesthetic and functional features.


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