Since 1952 Moroso has been designing sofas, armchairs and accessories with well known designers including Ron Arad, Carlo Colombo, Marc Newson, Toshiyuki Kita and Patricia Urquiola. Moroso has always aimed for top quality in its production. In 1994, in recognition of its quality, the company was the first manufacturer of upholstered furniture in Italy to receive the ISO 9000 certification for company management and the ISO 9001 certification for design, production and customer service.

Further to this, in 1999 they were also the first to be awarded the ISO 14001 certification for environment administration. Recognising the close connection between quality and the impact on the environment, Moroso exclusively uses "clean", nonpolluting production processes and materials that are as natural or as recyclable as is possible to obtain in the market.

In order to ensure the feasibility and effectiveness of this policy, Moroso started from the end: it began by considering the end users, their lifestyles and ways of using their living rooms. A living room is a place you open up to other people to show your hospitality, but can also be a place of quiet and reflection. Feedback, design, global quality and respect for the environment: all of these words are not empty rhetoric for them, but big and little marks of attention that are associated with every single moment of the company´s work.


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