Combines advanced technology with old fashioned tradition. From the seventies on, it has taken a distinctive direction: that of ongoing research into the modular furnishings sector, working with Luca Meda to produce a series of ideas for every room in the house, from the wardrobe to the living area to the study/ home office. Its highly successful sets of modular furnishings such as 505, Gliss5th and Pass, just to name a few, are in constant evolution. Molteni is considered a leader in this sector.

Over and above these success stories, Molteni has been producing a wide range of single pieces of furniture since the eighties which can be combined to create an elegant and functional environment. Starting from the furnishings recalling traditional ways of life typical of Aldo Rossi’s designs, Molteni reached the nineties with furniture designed by Jean Nouvel, where minimalism combined with advanced technology. In 2004, in parallel with expansion into foreign markets, a new “Upholstery Division” was created: based on a strong drive towards product innovation along with control over all aspects of their production and careful ongoing research into materials and upholstering.

Molteni furnishings incorporate the know how of a long tradition of craftsmanship with innovative technology, useful but never shown off. When speaking of Molteni, the talk is of hidden quality, technical quality, functional quality, materials: present but often invisible. Molteni quality is well known in Italy, where the Group has its headquarters, but is also internationally renowned; Molteni exports to the main world markets through a network of over 350 sales outlets, ten of which are single-brand stores dedicated to the Molteni &C and Dada brands, such as the Flagship Stores in London, Paris and New York.


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