Baxter history began with a love at first sight: leather. A love that is and was, day after day, powered by an infinite passion for manufacturing furniture that’s beautiful and what’s well made, designed and created to convey emotions.
Entrusted from the very beginning to master tanners, guardians of ancient traditions, the leather is skilfully processed and treated naturally, enhancing its properties and intrinsic qualities. Culture and quality; this is the combination by which leather is transformed into the valuable raw material and symbol of Baxter excellence.
Personal attention is the belief that marks out every aspect of Baxter’s activity and production. Each process has an extremely high manual component, allowing for accurate control over all the smallest details. Production takes place only to order and takes account of the customer’s specific requirements. Thus begins a comprehensive, complete and exciting experience, able to convey that genuine touch and envelop things made well and accurately in feelings which those who choose Baxter furniture can finally become accustomed to.


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